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turkish lady paper bag
qatari lady paper bag
qatari man paper bag
turkish man paper bag
qatari paper bag
turkish paper bag
Coffee Cup
Qatar Turkey paper cup
qatari lady
qatari man
turkish lady
Coffee Cup Mockup 2

Qatar Turkey Event:

I took a part of QMA-Qatar museum authority as an internship which was such a good experience that i gained from.I have been asked to design a logo for the QMA cafe as for welcoming the event.I designed it as the traditional waring in both cultures by using the patterns colours and been added to it .The project haven't been completed as it was an experience to learn how to communicate with people and how work is done in real life.In this experience i had met lots og important people such as sheikh Khalid Al-thani and the amazing photographers Salleh Al-marri and Sara Al-obaidli.

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