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Life Laundry

I Designed for a clint company named life laundry , which its about cleaning peoples personality and tech them how to change their life to be better. I choose these three colours for the logo to represent the word meaning ,red for blood or life,blue for water or washing and black is for the heart line which it shows the problems they are facing.

About The company

The business is about cleaning company but its different type of cleaning. It’s not about cleaning from dirts it’s cleaning thoughts personalities and emotions. Its about taking session or courses to  teach them how to deal with their self of their life. If this project or company  succeed  they will opens more brands.

The three word are :Success , improvement  and care.

My feeling toward the company is that its new type of  technique  is used for people.

They want to achieve good profit and people will get benefit by improving  their needs and life,and they also aim to open more or other branches.

I want the people to benefit from the program and their life to be improved from bad to good.  By this program people personalty should changed and effected from their old situation.

My Budget will free beaches I want to help people too.

Client Company request file

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