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sketches and steps

I choose this field because I wanted to try something new which it’s building a whole chair. It was interested at the begging but then it became harder for me to deal with. I did small samples of chairs made out of metal,cards and light wood. I was lost with measurements I couldn’t figure it out easily.We have been given a questioner to ask the clint and from the answers we build the chair so it can make the clint satisfied and happy.The chair should be seated by any person and any age  and should be conformable as well. I did lots of research to figure out how I will do the chair,and as the clint like Magnolia country I have used the Mongolian logo which it is the Yin and Yang.I used the logo to be the back of the chair and as the clint liked flowers I choose the seat to be flowered designed in somehow. The chair is a low type of chair because its Mongolian style . I have drawn the chair using illustrator program to print it using laser cutter machine. I did a small sample of the chair to see if the measurements are right before using the CNC machine. CNC machine its used to cut out big materials.The chair made of wood and we have been given a big piece for each student and we use it once ,so we have to be sure of the measurements . I didn’t complete my chair on the time of submission because the measurements keep getting wrong. I submitted the sketch book and a small sample of the chair. This project was very challengeable and I gained lots of experience of how to do a piece of furniture .Also we have met a great designer from Mexico and her work was amazing which I really benefit from her life and work experience ,it was really interesting.Finally I have cut the chair and it became good. I have taken the pieces and i started sanding it tell it became soft and clean by using the sanding machine .It took lots of time to finish sanding the chair.I used a hammer and nails to put all the wood pieces together it was hard for me to do it all by myself so,I let my friend to help me holding the pieces tied. At the end the chair became great and wonderful. It is slightly different of the one I planed on the sketch book,as it was going to be stuffed with cushion but I changed it by placing a piece of wood that it can be stable ,fit and removable. Its little pit tricky by removing the placed wood , I made it like that so I can change the cover of it any time which also can suit the decoration each time we change it .The cover could be any piece of fabric for example a pillow cover. This field was a very good experience to me as I learned a lot .

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